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Kizer Knives - can you say Tight Titanium Tolerances 3 Times Fast?

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We are pleased to introduce you to a relatively new knife brand and manufacturer: Kizer Cutlery. Kizer knives have been around since 2012.  With an average suggested retail price range of $150 - $320  (we offer them at discounted price ranging from $99 - $200), Kizer Knives are not the cheapest titanium folding knives available in the market, but their definitely not the most expensive either. You do usually get what you pay for in this industry, however.  

Kizer cutlery was one of the first knife makers utilizing a process known as wire EDM.  Checkout the quick video on Wire EDM and imagine a knife maker putting this technology to work in their knives. 

After machining, Kizer knives are finished by hand, ensuring the same quality for each customer.

"The final fit, finish, action, and sharpness of each knife is achieved entirely by hand, employing the irreplaceable craftsmanship developed by generations of cutler masters."

Bottom Line: Kizer Cutlery is producing titanium folders with impressive tolerances utilizing newer, more precise manufacturing techniques. Their high quality CNC machining abilities, and commitment to hand finishing each knife definitely results in a high quality product at a reduced price.  

We have a constantly changing inventory of Kizer knives for sale at TheKnifeWarehouse.com.  Checkout this link to view current Kizer Knives for Sale

Buy Kizer Knives

We are also impressed with the constant variety of models Kizer is producing.  Most of these are no longer available, so be sure to click the button above to see current models for sale.

Kizer Knives for Sale

Kizer Lifetime Warranty Information:

1) Your Kizer knife is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship and has a limited lifetime warranty, to the original owner.
2)  Kizer will not warranty products due to loss, damage caused by abuse, neglect, misuse, accident or improper blade sharpening .
3) Repairs to your knife performed by any source other than Kizer Inc. unconditionally voids the knife’s warranty.
4) Disassembly will void warranty.
5) Cost for postage is the responsibility of the customer.
6) Contact us at kizer@tbt-gd.com before applying service,warranty work or sharpen.

Use and Care:

  • KIZER knives are precision cutting tools and must be treated accordingly. Proper care and maintenance by the user is needed to ensure the knife will perform at optimum levels.
  • Always sharpen your knife with the correct techniques.
  • Keep you knife lubricated and clean
  • Inspect your knife regularly for obstructions.Such as debris or lint.
  • Release Agrement:
  • By purchasing any KIZER products, the buyer assumes sole responsibility to ascertain and follow all applicable federal, state, local and international laws in purchasing and using KIZER products.
  • The buyer agree to release KIZER Inc. from all liability from the purchase ,ownership, transportation or use of the items as related to appliable laws and regulations.
  • KIZER’s liability under any circumstances is limited to the original purchase price.
  • Change to products, materials, specifications (such as measurements and production techniques),and product availability can occur without prior notice. For the most up-to-date information, please contact your local KIZER dealer. 

src: http://www.kizerknives.com/a/contact/

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