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Posted by Seneca on 18th Jun 2014

Welcome to our all new website.  TheKnifeWarehouse.com has been in business since 2004, but we've recently changed our look.  This post will tell you how to use the top navigation links.

Navigating the Site - Top Banner Links

The very top header of the site on every page you will find the following:

  • Phone Number: our toll-free phone number.  Call us anytime.  If you call during normal business hours, you might actually speak to a human.  If not, leave a message and we will contact you during when we return to work! If you'd prefer to send an email inquiry please use the Contact Us form.
  • My Account: This is where you will Create an Account or Login to Your existing account.  
  • Order Status: Check status of an existing order (requires login). 
  • WishLists: View items you have added to your WishList. You can add items to your WishList for easy viewing later by clicking the Addto Wishlist button  (next to the Add to Cart Button) when viewing a product page.
  • Gift Certificates: Purchase a Gift Certificate for any amount between $1 and $1,000.  Our system will deliver your gift certificate to the email address you indicate.  Purchase for yourself or someone else. 
  • Shopping Cart: This link is where you can access items you have 'Added to Your Cart'. This is dynamic and will change as you add items to your cart, calculating the total items and subtotal for those items added to your cart.  Shipping charges won't be displayed until you begin the checkout process.  Click this area anytime to view items you've added  to your cart or to begin the checkout process. You will have a chance to edit your order during the checkout process.
  • Search: Use our powerful search form to find the knife you are looking for.  As you type in your search terms, suggestions will appear with clickable photos, before submitting your search. Hit enter to continue your search, or click one of the suggestions using your mouse. Here are a few examples that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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