Laser Target Your Search: How to find the knife you are looking for on TheKnifeWarehouse.com

Posted by Seneca on 5th Aug 2014

To search the site, look for the search box pictured below.  It is located at the top and to the right on each web page. 

Basic Search

When to use Site Search 
Using site search will find the knife you are looking for quickly.  If you know the name, model, or a unique feature of the knife you are looking for, type it into the search box and press enter or click the magnifying glass icon.

Can I Search by Brand, Price or Type of Knife?
Yes, using our Advanced Search, you can search for items by a particular brand only.  You can also enter a price range or target a category such as Assisted Openers or Fixed Blade knives.  Read more about Advanced Sarch below.

Basic SearchExample search: spyderco assist
This search will return Spyderco knives that have the word 'assist' in their name or description first, then similar products are suggested afterward. Results are sorted by Relevance.

Example search: g10 "g-10"  
This search will return results for knives that have either 'g10' or g-10 in their description. Since some manufactures refer to g10 handles without the dash and others use the dash, this search will return results with either.

Tips & Tricks
a search for 'esee knives' would be better targeted by simply searching 'esee' since our search form will return results with both 'esee' and 'knives' in the first example. But on the other hand, if you are looking for an esee-5 knife, make sure you add quotes like this "esee-5" or "Esee 5". For even more search control, use our Advanced Search Form where you can filter knives by brand, category, price and more!


Advanced Search

When to Use Advanced Search
Use the Advanced Search Form to laser target your search.

Filter by Brand, Price Range and Category: The following video shows how you would use the Advanced Search to by brand, price range and category. This search will return Kershaw knives priced less than $50 and it will sort the results first by knives that have BOTH stonewash finish AND tanto blades, then it will show less relevant knives as the list goes on. i.e. Kershaw knives that are tanto blades under $50, but do not have a stonewash finish. Or Kershaw knives below $50 that have a stonewash finish but not a tanto blade, etc.

Example search pictured below: stonewash tanto Brand: Emerson Category: Assist Openers Price: 0-50

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