Karambit knives are handheld knives that have an aggressive curve to them, resembling the claw of an animal like a tiger or hawk or similar. The karambit knife (sometimes spelled kerambit) most likely has its roots as an agricultural tool that later became weaponized. Once weaponized, the karambit knife took on a more aggressive curve. Usually, the karambits have a loop or ring near the butt of the knife that allows for better grip and quicker repositioning in the hand. For this reason, the karambit knife has drawn much attention as a formidable combat knife. The ring allows the knife to be securely gripped by the index finger forward or backward, and by the pinky finger, forward or backward, although some grips are more desirable than others, some grips strongest defending against strikes while others better at actively inflicting damage. Today, the karambit knife is a common weapon used in filipino martial arts.

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